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Where does dancing rank in exercise?

Dancing has long been a part of day-to-day life for many humans, from dancing randomly when your favourite music plays on the radio, to dancing with friends, having a little boogie in the kitchen, learning to dance in schools, performing in competitions, and also for exercise.

YES, dancing can be and is a form of exercise!

Have you ever heard of ZUMBA? Belly Dancing? Hip Hop? All dance classes have their own unique reasons for being great ways to exercise, and without any doubt, dancing is one of the best (and most enjoyable) workouts there is.

Most people would agree, their favourite way to workout would have to be the type where you don’t even notice the exercise because you’re having so much fun. From grooving with a partner to popping and locking across a studio to pirouettes or hip gyrating, dance is an excellent example of a way to have a fun, sneaky cardio workout!

Humans from all over the world have developed their take on the concept of dance, and there is an endless list of dance styles to learn and enjoy. We'll share that in our next blog! Tell us what dance styles you've tried!

Is dancing good for your health?

Dancing can be many things, and as a form of exercise is definitely one of them!

According to Julie Granger, a Paris-based International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) personal trainer, “dancing is the ultimate workout.” Among other things, dancing gets your heart in the mood and pumping. It also makes you happy, and energised.

Dancing can make you sweat! In turn, this takes out your body's fats and toxins without you needing to lift heavy gym weights or count calories! Move your entire body and have fun! It's more beneficial for your body as a whole, and for your mental health, too!

Here are 3 ways dancing can improve your health:

  1. Dancing is good for your mental health

Dancing can help you get your mind off the day's dramas, and transport you to an entirely different mood and environment, which is what makes dancing so great for your mental health.

According to research, dancing can decrease anxiety and depression, and help boost a person’s self-esteem! There’s even a type of dance that’s being used to treat depression. It’s called Dance Movement Therapy.

2. Dancing makes your heart sing!

Dance can be done by anyone, anywhere, whether you're in a wheelchair, have limited mobility, or just need to dance in your head. Dancing is FREE, needs very little space, and it really can make your heart sing with joy! If you want a healthier, happier heart, get dancing! You don’t need to be a professional dancer or be taking regular lessons or classes to make your heart happy, all you need is your time and commitment to dance and exercise. (Taking classes and lessons will certainly make your enjoyment of dancing transported to a higher level, as your technique and ability improve!)

According to a study, “people who engaged in moderate-intensity dancing were 46% less likely to develop heart disease.

3. Dancing helps with good posture

Because you’re moving your entire body while dancing, it can help reduce your back pain, muscle cramps, and even osteoporosis.

Photo from NZ Herald

Something that's unique to dancing, is that your age, gender, and sexuality are irrelevant... age is no barrier! Your kids can learn to dance and develop their self-esteem and confidence from an early age, and alternatively, you can take up dancing when you're a Great Granny! Age is just a number, literally! The more you dance, the more you become a HEALTHIER version of yourself.

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