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Unforgettable wedding moments: 6 reasons why a special wedding dance is a must!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A wedding isn't only a formal event; it's a fun party celebrating love and unity. Each part of it is filled with feelings, from saying your vows to slicing the cake.

But there's one special tradition that you won’t want to miss, no matter how formal or relaxed your wedding is … and that’s the wedding dance!

This age-old custom is more than a required step. It's a wonderful way for you to express yourselves, and show your personalities, and the dance symbolises two people becoming one.

It's definitely something you need on your wedding day, and this article share's why!

1. It's the ultimate party starter

When the newly married couple starts to dance, they officially kick off the “party part” of the event. The first dance is usually an emotional and happy moment that invites guests to start having fun.

Whether you choose to slowly sway to your favourite song, or perform a stylishly romantic or fun & funky choreographed routine, your wedding dance can infuse your party with energy, stir up excitement, and give your guests the WOW factor … and we all want to make sure our wedding day is unforgettable for not just the couple, but also the guests.

Newlyweds eagerly sprinting to the dance floor to kick off their wedding dance

2. It's a symbolic tradition

The wedding dance is full of tradition and meaning. It symbolises the couple's first steps in their new life together, reflecting their journey of love and teamwork.

This meaningful act shows a lot about the bond you have, your respect for each other, and your readiness to lead and follow in different life situations. In a way, it's a silent promise that echoes the vows made earlier.

 Newlyweds gesturing guests to watch their wedding dance

3. It adds a personal touch to your big day

Your wedding dance is a chance to add showcase your personalities and adds a touch of individuality to your big day.

The song you pick can tell your story, show your characters, or honour a shared memory. It creates a special, intimate moment that connects with your guests on an emotional level.

Newlyweds engaging the crowd with their rehearsed wedding dance

4. A chance for great photos and videos

The wedding dance is a beautiful spectacle. The loving looks, the cool dance moves, and the happy smiles make a great backdrop for amazing photos and videos. These wonderful memories caught on camera will be something to enjoy looking back on in the future.

We love receiving photos and videos of couples we’ve taught to dance for their wedding, and they’re always fantastic! The feedback they share about how wonderful and unique their wedding was, always brings us joy!

Check out this post on our Instagram of one of the gorgeous couples we helped create a unique wedding dance for.

Newlyweds and guests are joyfully dancing together

5. It gets everyone involved

After the couple’s first dance, it’s time for the guests to join in.

This tradition helps guests mix it up and enjoy the less formal part of the wedding, and when you get the dance floor shaking, from the youngest family member to the oldest, you know you’re creating a magical memory!

Not sure how to get your guests to dance at your wedding? There are some great tips in this article.

Newlyweds in a romantic dance where the groom's lifting the bride

6. It's just fun!

Whatever your style, your wedding should be a day of happiness and fun. Preparing for your wedding dance can be a fun activity before the wedding, creating lovely memories before the main event.

On the big day, it's about letting go, sharing a laugh, and making a moment of pure, real joy. If you want to keep it simple, or really wow your crowd, check out the wedding dance packages we have on offer here.

Wrapping up

Your wedding dance can be a cool blend of tradition, emotion, and your own special touch that adds a fun twist to your wedding party.

It's an opportunity to express your love in a unique way, create memorable moments, and start your journey of 'happily ever after.' So, while planning your big day, pick a perfect song for your first dance, get in touch with us, and let your love spread happiness to everyone present.

You choose the music (or we can make suggestions) and we’ll choreograph something just for you here at Ucan2dance!

Whether you're interested in a few private lessons or one of our exclusive packages, we've got you covered. We focus on the happy couple, crafting a dance that truly reflects your unique bond.

Ucan2 Dance Studio's private wedding dance courses

So, prepare to wow your guests and own the dance floor with confidence and flair at Ucan2dance!


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