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THE BEAT ~ news from UCan2 Principal, Harry Raiend

Hello everyone. It’s time for a little catch-up.

Term three is in full swing, with a few minor adjustments. Latin Shine styling class is now open to all and runs twice a week - Monday nights and Saturday mornings. It’s growing rapidly and has graduated to the big studio. It’s as though this class is made for our Mini Ninja, Mai, to take!!

Gold class had to move to Monday nights - we’re sorry about that. If it’s causing issues please come and see us.

New Vogue stayed on Thursday night but is now taken by Jonny Twinkletoes Williams. He has a garage full of winners' trophies and is happy to share his knowledge.

All this re-shuffling has given us a few extra private lesson times at prime times. Be quick they go fast!

Talking about knowledge and achievements, we need to of course mention our Stefan. Every time we think he can’t make us any more proud, somehow he does. Apart from getting his doctorate this year, he has also topped Team Diablo Academy (Italy) Cum Laude! Photo included. In the dancing world, this is like winning an Oscar. You have to beat the best of the best.

It’s been a year since his last trip to NZ …. It’s time for another visit. I am not getting any younger and I need to update my dancing software to year 23!

Our roles have changed and now it’s Stefan who keeps me interested, involved and inspired!

Ilia and Kate update:

After the ACT training camp (a week of fantastic lectures, lessons and practice amongst some amazing dancers) they continued to travel throughout Europe, doing some sightseeing and catching up with family. Photo included.

Check out some cool dancing on YouTube. The German Open Championship (GOC) has just finished. This also included both Ballroom and Latin Grandslams. No surprise who won but some of the finalists are new. Check out my Stories on Instagram. I share heaps, you'll enjoy them.

Our troops are doing a comp on September 02.

Join them for a good day out - it’s at a really nice venue in the city. Actually, it’s being held in St Matthews in the City so, if it runs late, you’ve already had your Sunday morning service!

I would also like to moan about the weather! It turns out that my Ducati is a rain whisperer. Every time I am the furthest possible distance from home, it starts to rain. At least we now know I can help when we have our next drought!

This is Max at the 70s night party a couple of weeks ago. He's feeling funky.

Our next party is Friday September 8th, which is our 30th anniversary - celebrating UCan2 - and the theme is BLUE-BLACK-WHITE. Are you coming?

Keep dancing and see you in class.

If you are not following us on social media please do! We are very active on Facebook and Instagram, finding for you the best stories and clips from the dance world and UCan2! Instagram Facebook Youtube and Pinterest.

That’s all for now, any serious questions talk to Marie, for other stuff, you can talk to me.

Fingers crossed for the sun coming out. Best wishes.


Unicorn 🦄



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