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THE BEAT ~ news from UCan2 Principal, Harry Raiend

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

What an amazing week we have had weather-wise. Beautiful sunny days and cold nights - perfect for dancing to warm up. I heard next week is even better as it’s going to rain, so the only sensible thing to do is dance!

I will start with the competition in Hamilton. It was a fun and very social event - with the emphasis on the fun part. This competition is mainly aimed at social dancers and medalists, but they do have a few events for competition people too.

We have been a bit slow getting going so used this event to blow off the cobwebs, check out the new gear, new routines and have some floor practice. It was the first time we saw David in a tail-suit and it was Archie and Lily’s first outing to the competition floor. It was a very successful event and our team had a wonderful time.

I missed it but the videos looked great!

The weekend after we had the NZ One Dance Nationals In Wellington. We only had two couples attending but they did leave their mark. Ilia and Kate made it to the B grade finals with some placings, but most importantly, the work they’ve put in is making a big difference to how they danced and looked.

This was also David and Alexi’s first major competition as Adults. The plan was very simple - to make their mark early so they don’t have to work months getting up the ranking list. Talk about over delivering, as they won every Latin American event they entered, including Youth Open and Adult Open and A Grade. I was also very happy with their Ballroom.

I missed the comp but the video looks great!

This week we celebrated Carlo’s birthday. Our staff organised a beautiful cake and the whole Wednesday class, around 80 people, sang to him (their teacher). It was beautiful and heartwarming.

I missed it but the video looked great!

Our Social and Medal classes are growing rapidly. Our team of teachers is doing wonderfully.

We have a new class called Ladies Bachata Shine. It’s Latin for ladies only. Check it out!

Next weekend we have our Medal tests. It's so good to see everyone practising. A special thank you to Mai, Chai and Carlo for organising and supporting the practises.

They seem to be very happy, noisy and sweaty affairs!

Now for some international news ...

* Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus won another Pro World title. This is a bit special. I have taught them in my past life and also was on a judging panel in Vienna, when they won their very first Amateur World Championship. If you haven’t seen them, check out some YouTube videos.

* I would also like to mention the Dance Expo in Italy, which finished with a social dance with 1700 people taking part.

I was not there but the video looks great!

* Our Stefan (Green) received his doctorate - Sports Science and Technique. So well deserved ... he continues to make us so proud!

That’s all for now. Best wishes from Maxi.

Keep dancing and see you in the class.

(I might not be there but I'll enjoy the videos😜)

Unicorn 🦄

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