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3 cool things you can do with your dance moves ... outside of a dance class!

Dancing is not only a fun way to express yourself, but it's also a great skill to have for a multitude of reasons. Even if you're not a professional dancer, you can still use your moves in interesting and creative ways, and dance is a bit like riding a bike - once you've learnt this awesome skill, it will stay with you for life!

Here are three cool things you can do with your dancing skills: try dance photography, bike dancing for fitness, and even make artwork with your dance!

Dance photography

Dance is a visual spectacle. Every spin, leap, and movement is a work of art. Capturing these moments with a camera lets you preserve the beauty and emotion of the dance. Dance photographers like Amber Griffin have created a niche, showcasing dancers in their element and telling stories through their lens.

As a dancer, you already have an eye for movement, timing, and expression. These skills can help you frame amazing photos. You can anticipate the right moment to take a shot, capturing the essence of a dance move. So, grab your camera or phone, and start experimenting with different angles, lighting, and moments!

Ballet dancing photography

Bike dancing for fitness

Who said exercise can't be fun? Dancing is already great for your heart and muscles, so why not spice up your fitness routine with some biking?

Bike dancing for fitness is an exciting trend that's gaining traction. In Westward Cycle, their signature Rhythm Cycling method is more than an engaging, full-body workout—it’s a dance party on a bike! If you have a love for dancing, you'll pick up this fun and energetic exercise quickly, which could add a touch of excitement to your fitness routine.

Bike dancing

Creating art with dance

Art and dance, both expressive in nature, can come together in a unique fusion called paint dancing. Innovative artists use dance movements as part of their creative process to make striking art pieces.

As a dancer, you can try to paint dancing too. Imagine dipping your hands and feet in paint and dancing over a canvas on the floor. It could get messy, but the outcome is vibrant, abstract artwork that reflects your unique dance style. It allows you to capture the fleeting beauty of your dance as a permanent piece of art, letting your rhythm and style shine in a whole new way.

Key takeaway

Your dance moves have more potential than you may realise. They can elevate your photography, spice up your workouts, and even inspire unique artwork. However, to truly tap into this potential, you need to polish your dancing skills.

If you're a beginner, haven't danced in years, or are eager to try these creative activities but want to get your body ready first, consider enrolling in our dance classes at Ucan2Dance. Our classes are designed to help you build and refine your dance skills, and could even get you ready to try one of these cool ways of expressing yourself through dance!

Get dancing! You might just discover a new passion!



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