Experience the fun of dance in your next team building event!

Is your corporate culture tired of the same old bonding exercises? UCan2 has the solution - team building through dancing!

At UCan2 we can tailor a Team Building Event to suit your needs and we promise a great time with fun, laughter and dancing!!!

Dancing is a brilliant and fun way to break down barriers, guide staff members safely outside their comfort zone while getting exercise, bonding, learning about themselves and co-workers while growing as individuals and teammates, proving that every great journey, new experience and effective change truly does begin within and with one step at a time.

Our Team Building Event takes the form of a workshop of 2-3 hours duration. We can run an event for groups starting as small as 10 members up to 40 or 50. We promise maximum participation for all your staff members no matter what their level of fitness or dance ability. We tailor the event to suit those present. We like to include some fun and simple social dances such as Cha Cha, Rhythm Foxtrot and plenty of non-partner dancing too such as Latin line dances.

The program is divided into phases

A nice simple dance lesson followed by a dance competition is a great way to get the event started and encourage everyone to relax, bond with their co-workers and learn to trust each other. We also form teams and each group will learn some fun choreography and at the end of the event, the teams compete against each other for a Dance Off Competition. We also award prizes for best female dancer, best male dancer, best couple and of course the best team.

It is in the final phase of the exercise that the essence of Team Building will be most evident. Partnership dancing is one of the most effective methods of building trust in the work community developing a greater overall team and competitive spirit, where the participants learn to strategize, support, encourage each other - forge strong bonds geared towards reaching a shared goal, all of which translates into greater productivity, increased profits and a positive caring work environment.

All participants will experience a sense of accomplishment that will be long lasting and beneficial on both a personal and professional level.

To arrange your next Team Building Event, please contact us for more information.

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