Private Lessons

Info 2018

* Wedding couples * Small Groups * Medal Training * Gain confidence * Improve your technique * Competition Training

Whatever your reason, private lessons bring confidence, enjoyment and enhance your skills.

Private lessons are available from 4.00pm (earlier by special arrangement) to 9.30pm Monday to Friday,  Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, by appointment.

Fee for private lessons  (you can bring a maximum of 4 people) – $80.00 per 45min.

Small group private lessons (more than 4 people) – $20.00 per person per 45min

Please note: We require 24 hours notice of cancellation or postponement of a private lesson otherwise the full fee will be charged. If you are not prepared to accept this condition, please do not book a private lesson. Our coaches are all heavily booked and can’t be left standing when there would be others who would like that time.